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Why should you absolutely visit New Zealand?


Jan 7, 2023
absolutely visit New Zealand

The most beautiful country in the world ?

The reputation of the country is well established, films in the cinema and advertising campaigns have taken care of it.

New Zealand conveys an image of paradise on earth.

New Zealand conveys an image of paradise on earth with wide open spaces and unspoiled nature. An image maintained by the “100% Pure” campaigns of the tourist office for years.

And yet, the country lives up to its reputation and does not disappoint, with opinion polls confirming that 97% of visitors are satisfied with their trip and recommend the destination to their friends on their return.

It is not a special construction, but rather the scenery that was used for the filming of The Hobbit.  It is maintained all year round by gardeners.

The village of Hobbiton can be visited all year round in New Zealand.

Assuming you’ve made it through all the hype, I’ve prepared my personal Top 10 reasons why you should visit New Zealand. And if I manage to convince you, Kiwipal will be there to help you organize your stay! We offer itineraries and we help you book a car or motorhome to make your dream trip to the Kiwis come true!

Breathtaking landscapes!

In The Hobbit, you can admire Mount Cook (the highest peak in New Zealand).  It houses the fabulous treasure guarded by the dragon Smaug.

Epic landscapes seen in The Lord of the Rings.

If there was only one reason to come to New Zealand, this would be it! The country has a variety of landscapes unique landscapes in the world. It is a summary of all the reliefs that the Earth can offer!

The traveler passes from one heavenly place to another almost without interruption, with very clear relief variations only a few kilometers away. The experience is all the more striking as one often finds oneself alone in the world, which constitutes an unheard-of luxury these days.

The surroundings of Mount Cook are recommended if you want to admire the stars, and there is even an observatory that welcomes visitors.

The Milky Way is visible to the naked eye in New Zealand.

Moreover, the Milky Way can be observed with the naked eye in New Zealand as the air is pure and the sky devoid of light pollution from cities. Impossible to sum up so many splendors in a few lines, and I recommend our file dedicated to the most beautiful landscapes of the country to amaze you even more.

A country where the presence of many microclimates offers striking contrasts. Palm trees grow where there shouldn’t be any, a desert of fine sand surrounded by forest seems to come out of nowhere, and there are even mountain lakes where you can swim in summer.

The most beautiful ski resorts are on the South Island, but the North is not left out because you can even ski on the side of active volcanoes.

The ski resorts open their doors during the low season.

Winter is mild in New Zealand (12° on average in the North) and since the trees do not lose their leaves, it feels like visiting a Disneyland park after closing!

New Zealanders have a reputation for being very welcoming.

They are nicknamed “Kiwis” and if I had to sum up New Zealanders in a few words, I would say that they are above all peaceful and honest. A recent study even ranked them as the second most welcoming country in the world, just behind Iceland.

It is perhaps the values ​​of mutual aid (rugby, sailing) instilled from childhood, or their excellent education system (ranked best in the world in 2018), which explain why the local population is so benevolent with foreigners…

This is why I often say that if you come to New Zealand for its landscapes, you will come back above all for its people. New Zealanders wear their hearts on their sleeves, and their contagious kindness restores your faith in humanity.

The environmental consciousness of New Zealanders dates back to the 1960s when large petitions blocked the construction of dams or mines.

New Zealanders are very sensitive to ecology.

You don’t have to take my word for it, but the statistics back it up! Crime is one of the lowest in the world and the political class does not stand out for business (New Zealand is ranked the least corrupt country in the world).

New Zealand is now the least corrupt country in the world.

There is a real sweetness of life in New Zealand. The contrast is even more striking when you return home after the holidays and find a country where everyone is grumbling… For many, the stay will have been a peaceful parenthesis in a world of brutes, far daily stress.

Maori culture is ubiquitous in New Zealand.

From this distant destination, many only know the All Blacks But the country has much more to offer than world rugby champions, even if it is true that the oval ball is a religion on this side of the globe.

New Zealand gives an important place to ancestral traditions. The Haka that precedes matches was originally a tribal dance intended to deprive the opponent of his life force. You can learn it during your visit to the Te Papa museum in Wellington, which offers an introduction.

Built in the Tudor style, the Rotorua Museum was recently extended to accommodate temporary exhibitions.

The Rotorua Museum showcases the treasures of Maori culture.

The armed conflicts of the colonial era are a thing of the past, and the society assumes its Maori origins. The Rotorua Museum, a real gem that favors quality over quantity, is a must to discover the history of the country and its customs.

And if the Maori culture manifests itself in sculptures of prodigious refinement, it is also a living language whose sounds are in perfect harmony with nature. And who knows, maybe you’ll come back from your trip with a souvenir tattoo!

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