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What is hotel management?


Jan 7, 2023
hotel management

Hotel management involves the management of everything related to the hospitality industry.If you want to get a foothold in this business, you will need to be familiar with all the techniques of running a hotel business, including marketing, hotel administration, restaurant management, housekeeping, and accounting.

The Main Difference Between Hotel Management and Gestion de l’hospitalitéis, as the name suggests, hotel management covers all aspects of running a hotel, while hotel management is a broader term that deals with people management in industries such as nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, transportation and even hotels.

A brief history of hotel management

From the beginning of the 17th century, business owners across America began to build and establish inns to meet the lodging needs of travelers.At first, these hostels offered only basic services, but as time passed and the demand for short-term accommodation increased, the hotel owners prepared to offer more. facilities to customers.Since then, the hospitality industry has grown even more as people were willing to pay more for better quality services.This industry has always strived to meet the changing demands of society and has become an essential part of the economy.Today, travelers can find different types of

What degree do you need for hotel management?

To become a hotel manager, you will usually need a bachelor’s degree with extensive work experience.However, in some cases, a college degree will suffice if the candidate has extensive knowledge and work experience in the hospitality industry.In addition to a degree, you can expect to take courses in economics, restaurant management, accounting, finance, marketing,hospitalité, and/or computer studies.Some universities also offer advanced master’s degrees in hotel management, which are often taken by hotel managers who want to progress to regional management positions.

Hospitality management can open up a slew of other opportunities in the industry, including cruise ship hotel management, restaurant management, catering management, airline catering services, and home management of hosts.Some of the positions related to your degree are:

The basics of hotel operations

Hotel Operations teaches you to become familiar with all aspects of hotel management and operations.You will learn about the main features of hotels and their responsibilities to guests, as well as how to provide good service to guests.The aim of this course is to equip those wishing to work in the hospitality industry with the knowledge and expertise necessary to become competent hotel managers.Hotel operations and management departments need well-trained staff to ensure customer satisfaction.

Regardless of the size or standard of hotel you want to manage, you need to have the right understanding and skills to meet the different demands of customers.The marketing part of hotels is another vital process that helps managers promote their business and thrive.These and many more are all covered by the hotel operation courses.

What are the different departments of the hotel?

There are a number of different hotel departments, all of which must work together to achieve common goals and provide a positive guest experience.The main departments seen in successful hotels are:

Directorate of Management and Finance

Hotel management is essential to the success of a lodging business, and the management and finance department oversees basic day-to-day operations.This may include managing hotel services, overseeing events, strategizing, problem solving, and meeting with business partners.The financial aspect, on the other hand, involves managing all aspects of the hotel’s finances, including tracking income and expenses, and planning financial strategies.

Food and Beverage Hospitality Department

The food service also contributes to the success of hotel management, as many properties derive much of their revenue from selling food and beverages to guests.This department is responsible for purchasing ingredients and stock for the hotel’s restaurants and bars, preparing meals, and serving food and beverages.

Front Office Hospitality Department

The front desk hotel department is the department that serves as the face of the hotel, dealing with issues such as reservations, guest services and payment processing.This is the department that most often comes into contact with customers and the front office must also work closely with hotel management and other departments.

Hospitality Department

A hotel’s housekeeping department strives to provide guests with a safe, comfortable, clean, and visually pleasing environment.Primary duties include cleaning rooms, changing linens, laundry, maintaining quality standards, and reporting issues to maintenance teams or hotel management officials.

Hotel maintenance service

A hotel’s maintenance department is responsible for maintaining all hotel equipment, tools, and technology, including repairing broken pipes, heating systems, air conditioning units, and in-room items. hotel and common areas.Often, repair requests will be issued by hotel management or the housekeeping team.

Reservations & Marketing Hotel Service

The Reservations and Marketing Department is responsible for all activities related to hotel reservations, including processing reservations, modifying reservations, and updating room availability information.In addition to this, marketing tasks can include online and offline advertising, content marketing, search engine optimization, etc.

Hospitality Human Resources Department

Finally, the human resources department is in charge of many tasks directly related to the workforce itself, including talent acquisition, training and development of employees, management of the hotel in accordance with the laws and labor regulations, interviews and overseeing the provision of benefits.

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