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Packing your suitcase in 2 steps: the essential practical guide


Jan 7, 2023
Packing your suitcase in

Do it at the last minute, put everything that comes to hand in it pell-mell, fight to close it. Rest assured, you are not alone in this case. This is even why we offer you a complete guide to packing your suitcase!

1st step: Your best ally, the to-take list

We rarely think about it; and it may seem a bit corny to make a list to prepare your suitcase. But don’t you make a shopping list? The principle is the same ! Do not forget the essentials and limit the risk of taking useless things (a bit like compulsive shopping…).

A smart toiletry bag for an optimized suitcase

First of all, equip yourself with small 100ml bottles in which to transfer your various products , because in cabin baggage, only these containers will be authorized. 100ml therefore maximum per product, in a 20 * 20 transparent pouch, all not exceeding 1L. If you choose to put your luggage in the hold, these little filled bottles will also be more than enough for you: you don’t liquidate your shower gel in a week, do you? And for a short stay, with relatives, close to shops, there is no need to bring ALL your toiletries. You can always borrow them or buy them on site.

Ditto for a hotel stay: basic products (soap, shampoo, moisturizer) are generally free! A little extra: some stores sell branded 100ml samples , ready to put away in your suitcase. Smart, right?

Essential clothes are the ones you will need!

The principle rule is to take fewer bottoms than tops, because we can wear the latter several times. Ok, there’s that cool pair of jeans you want to bring along, and then there’s also that skirt that you’ve never put on but promise yourself you’ll baptize while you’re there. But no, you won’t be able to bring everything, it’s time to choose! However, to vary the outfits and always stay fresh , you must take at least one top a day. Even a top per day – 2 (so 5 tops for 7 days) if you feel able to wash them on the spot. Hand wash = space freed up . It’s as simple as that. Also, we will limit the prints to be able to coordinate outfits more easily.

Also think of the bath towel , if you know that it will not be provided to you on site. Today we make super absorbent ones, very thin and compact, which fit in the palm of the hand when they are folded!

In summary, whether it’s for a weekend or a week, your wardrobe should meet all the needs you may have . And the weather on site, which it is better to check before leaving. In any case, it would be a shame to be turned away at the entrance to the-place-to-be because you didn’t think to bring a classy outfit, or to miss a great excursion for having forgotten your walking shoes.

The little extras that change everything!

The suitcase is not limited to what we are going to carry and toiletries. There are plenty of little accessory things that can be very useful.

An extra bag just in case for the return trip, especially if you’re bringing back souvenirs or are a shopaholic. It can be a fabric bag: ultra light and takes up almost no space.

A book (to wait during transfers)

A waterproof bag that you wear around your neck to store your smartphone and money for boat trips, for example.

If there are other things you usually take, feel free to share it in the comments. Now let’s move on to organizing the suitcase…You’re going to become real professionals!

2nd step: The organization of the suitcase

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, the one that gives you cold sweats every time you go on vacation: storing your suitcase so that everything can fit.

How to choose your suitcase?

Brands have understood that weekend city breaks are developing and are offering more and more beautiful and solid travel bags to carry on the shoulder.

Wheeled suitcases, your great ally

For a longer trip, it’s the wheeled suitcase that is essential, to avoid stupidly straining a muscle while carrying your big bag. Did you know that your backpack should weigh no more than ¼ of your weight? Better, the suitcases with 4 wheels allow less strain on your arm. For a suitcase weighing almost 15kg, you will hardly feel the weight. Before buying your suitcase, check that the wheels are strong enough to support the weight and the shocks .

A rigid suitcase for more impermeability

A rigid suitcase absorbs shocks relatively better but is above all waterproof. A good asset to prevent it from getting dirty in the hold, or on the way to join you on the carpet at the airport.

Interior storage is the beginning of happiness

Choosing a suitcase with storage pockets will help you compartmentalize your small belongings and therefore make packing the suitcase easier. With this in mind, suitcases with two pockets are a good option.

Choose your luggage according to the company used

You probably know that the low-cost companies, so advantageous for the wallet, are very strict in terms of the dimensions and volume of baggage allowed in the cabin. So check the company’s website before choosing your travel bag. This information is usually specified in your booking confirmation email.

How to store your clothes?

We promise you, this is the only valid technique to not only save space, but also save the condition of your clothes. The space saving is incredible, the clothes are hardly creased. Fold your clothes in half, then roll them up .

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