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4 Awesome Middle-Eastern Dishes to Try


Mar 21, 2023
Middle-Eastern Dishes

If you are the one who doesn’t mind trying new cuisines then now is the time to try the world’s leading middle-eastern cuisine that mostly influenced with the meat dishes and unlike South Asian food, you won’t find too much spices in the Arab cuisine making it acceptable for western people, so your tour to UAE is about to get you on the rollercoaster ride of delightful Arab dishes and the moment you land at the Dubai’s airport, you just need to Google out the best dine-out spots and you have amazing options to choose  from.

The distinctive part of the Arab dishes is that they are very simple to cook and the common-used ingredients and fresh meat make them more mouthwatering foods to try. This blog don’t waste your time and get you familiar with the most popular dishes of the region.

So hunt them below and begin your trip with trying tasty yet healthy foods.


Yes, it earns the first spot in the list because of its great fame and the fresh yet tasty ingredients turn it into the daily meal of many Arabs and yes, cooking it is not the expensive one; thus, you find it very popular among locals and the commercial-cooking of this dish also makes it popular among visitors. The leading ingredients of this dish are chickpeas and paste called tahini made of the sesame seeds turning it into more healthy food in either breakfast or lunch. Additionally, the smart person is the one who plans his/her trip in a precise manner and choose the pocket-friendly airline and among many options, you find Etihad Airways being the leading one, so opt for it with the Etihad code.


Mandi is also the famous item you can look for while hunting the middle-eastern cuisine and the unique attribute of this dish is that it is cooked in the tabun making it more amazing item to try while exploring the Gulf region. It is made of the quality rice, meat and the traditional light spices, so do try this dish and it is also available in chicken along with lamb, goat and camel’s meats, so go with the one that attracts you a lot.


Yes, trying it is also the great step for enjoying the true essence of middle-eastern foods and being very simple to cook, it is also the must-have dish in a daily-routine of every Arab, so don’t think further and plan to try it at the best dine-out spot during your trip.


Yes, the popularity of falafel has gone beyond the border of Gulf region and you now find the fantastic falafel spots at every part of the world, so why not trying it  at the place, it has originated from? Just ask Google, you are provided with the superb options. Additionally, these fried balls are the favorite items to try at lunch for kids; hence, mothers prefer giving them as school-lunch to their lovely kids.

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